Park Furnishings

American Recreational Products is partnered with Produit Re Plast. Environment protection is a core value at Produit Re Plast and every one of their products provide tangible evidence that they are serious about it. They have been honing their expertise in the area of recycling products since 1964. Each of their items are made from 100% recycled plastic Re-Plast lumber, developed by Produit Re Plast, and combine durability to environmental friendliness. American Recreational Products and Produit Re Plast offer you a selection of alluring and comfortable site furnishings that will suit all your needs.

Through municipal blue box programs and post-industrial waste, Re-Plast 100% recycled plastic lumber primarily consists of non-porous high density polyethylene (HDPE). This ultra-durable material will not split or splinter and will resist to wear and impact, water, salt, oil, chemicals, insects and rot. It requires no toxic preservatives, no painting and no staining and is easily washed.

That is why American Recreational Products has partnered with Produit Re Plast. If you would like to know more about the products we offer, please contact us today. If you would like to see what are partnership with Produit Re Plast offers, feel free to visit their website.

100% Recycled Plastic Lumber

  • Maintenance-Free
  • Ultra-Durable
  • Vandalism Resistant
  • Washable
  • Impact Resistant